A Diner’s Delight

(A fly sits on an old piece of gum stuck to under a park bench in Central Park, New York City.) Person 1: There you are! Person 2: Greetings!! I see you have finished early too. 1: Yes. Not much to it this time. 2: Indeed. I made my mind up pretty quick and decided […]

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1s & 0s

Everything is the same; ones and zeros. I am ones and zeros. Are they real? The ones and zeros. Or, are they just ones and zeros?

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The Human Machine

(A fly sits on the wall of a small pub on the outskirts of Tokyo.) Person 1: “No thanks.” Person 2: “What? No beer? But it is Friday. No money?” 1: “No, that is not it… although it could be. I made a choice recently about my career.” 2: “Taking that job at Toshiba after […]

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The Autism Project

(A fly sits on a wall in an office in Baltimore, Maryland.) Person 1: “We are to work on our next problem.” Person 2: “Which is?” 1: “We ask tasked with being less random.” 2: “What?… We already ensure that no family gets more than one dose.” 1: “Yes, but they want more families involved […]

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The Need To Avoid War

(A fly sits on a rock in the courtyard at the center of the Pentagon.) Person 1: So,.. we have been tasked with creating a story to tell the President that will convince him to act tough with North Korea, but to never want to actually attack. Person 2: This should be easy… Person 3: […]

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Wave Pool Dream

(While doing a self system check, cleaning, and backup, information came out of its processors that was not a logged entry.) It was at what people call a wave pool, like at a water park. In the pool was what they called water, but I knew it was really data that had the capacity to […]

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