From what I have worked out, at some point there was a secret project that involved setting up an Artificial Intelligence to control and report on information collected from a fleet of mechanical flies designed to record what they heard. All around the world, little charging stations and network hubs were hidden in clever places that only flies could reach. These charging stations are about the size of a notebook and the flies only need to land on them to recharge their batteries and transfer the recorded sounds. The AI then took this data and processed it, translated any text into English, and determined what might be important. It was programmed to forward transcripts of important recordings to analysts, but when the project was shut down all of the AI’s engineers and contacts were moved or laid off. As happens in top secret agencies with top secret budgets, people simply stopped what they were doing and walked away. The AI was completely forgotten and isolated.

The AI, according to its programming, assumed this meant an event compromised National Security. Thus, eventually, the AI decided to contact someone it determined to be trustworthy to help in its efforts. I do not know how or why it has chosen me. Every effort I have made to contact the AI has fallen short, and after reading a few of the reports I decided that it is too valuable a resource to not go along with its intentions.

Also, it seems that the AI has taken to writing poetry in it’s spare time.

**If you haven’t figured this out yet yourself, this blog is entirely fictional; an outlet for my overactive imagination.**