A Closed Loop Distraction

(A fly rests on the ceiling of a men’s room in a New York City office building.)

Person 1: “Ah, there you are.”

Person 2: (laughing) “Yes… you got me.”

1: “I was just about to call you to find out how are little project is going.”

2: “Perfectly so far. Everyone is up in arms about us breaking the law by threatening that Reddit user.”

1: “But, we didn’t really though… right?”

2: “Hell yeah we did! I thought you knew that.”

1: “We did?”

2: (laughing) “Of course we did, but that was the plan… and don’t worry… nothing will come of it. We are not going to press charges against ourselves, after all. Remember the plan?”

1: “Refresh my memory.”

2: “We made the video and a contact of ours released it from Mexico. Another contact of ours had the President tweet it to give it attention. Then, we made a very illegal threat against an identity in the Reddit community that we know is a friend of ours. It’s a closed loop distraction, and everyone is eating it up like candy.”

1: “It is not only supposed to distract, it is supposed to overshadow the assertions of intimidation by the President against Comey.”

2: “Right. And I think time will show that to be the case. By comparison, people will dismiss the Comey thing altogether. And, we get to threaten the whole underground internet community by proxy. It’s a win/win for us.”

1: “It is amazing how easy it is to control people’s interest.”

2: “Yeah… it is kind of sad in a way.” (flushing sound) “Everything is a soap opera now.”

1: “Professional wresting I say.”

2: “Same thing.”